October 26, 2017 Antonio Altamirano

An Open Letter to Saugatuck Area Residents

NorthShore of Saugatuck wishes to acknowledge and thank the community for their kindness and words of encouragement over the last year.

We have hosted many events, community open houses, and field trips on the former Denison property this summer. We listened to your stories about the property and we share your passion for the land.

Our “Conservation Based Development” plan seeks an appropriate balance of land utilization and land preservation. By using a limited and carefully considered amount of land, Northshore will protect over 200 acres of the most ecologically and historically important land.

During the week of October 16, the MDEQ held a public hearing for the application to build the boat basin and the new road that goes around the 23 boat basin homesites. We are committed to working with the MDEQ to ensure all the appropriate precautions and leading practices are adhered to.

On Monday, October 23, the Saugatuck Township Planning Commission voted to approve our final site plan for the 23 homesites and boat basin. We admire the planning commission’s dedication and integrity to follow the rules and ordinances and we are pleased to be moving forward.

We value the various stakeholder groups and individuals who have toured the property and offered constructive advice. We are taking the responsibility and stewardship of the land at Northshore very seriously. We believe that this sensible plan is a win-win for all.